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We constantly monitor more than 200 world class technology conferences and events, as they create good collection points for groups we are interested in: startups, venture capital funds, business angels, and hardware and software developers. Through conferences, all of these groups are looking for new opportunities and projects with great potential.

If you have a technology startup, or are looking for new investments at seed/startup stage, pay attention to the TNW Conference, which has grown very strongly in recent years and has a powerful promotion program (more on this later).

TNW have been holding annual conferences in Amsterdam and New York since 2006, aimed at supporting early-stage startups and gathering together the world’s top technology leaders and venture capitalists.

We have picked up some interesting facts about the TNW Conference Europe 2016 (Amsterdam, 26-27 May):



Venture financing schemes are enable modest investors to search among many promising startup projects, taking a seed with $15-100K, and moving it further into larger funds.

These investors make up a large part of the conference. However, participating in the Boost and Bootstrap programs lets you work directly with famous venture funds and business angels. TNW expect more than 200 investors in Amsterdam, but we highlight 500 Startups, Accel Partners, Rockstart and Seedcamp as most interesting.

Success startups of TNW Boost program

TNW organize programs for early stage startups for selecting and following promotion. One such program, TNW Boost, has shown good results. Among the most famous are Waze, Rapportive and Shutl, which are already in the process of acquisition by Google, LinkedIn and eBay respectively.

Below is a selection of startups from the Boost program. It is notable that highly significant investments were obtained, in several rounds, as these projects grew. The average investment among the selected 64 projects founded in 2010-2015 was $1.8m.


TNW Conference Promotion Program

We appreciated the atypical and powerful TNW Conference online promotion, in comparison with other well-known conferences. TNW has a number of subsidiary products, set in the same domain (, including technology news publisher TNW News. While significantly capturing the B2B audience, TNW also promotes subsidiary products to a B2C audience . The startups and business angels groups, for example, are at the intersection of B2B and B2C.

Traffic Overview of website
17.7m –  average monthly total visits in the last 6 months
Traffic Sources: 33% search, 30% social, 29% direct.

Pay attention to TNW’s perfect social media marketing. Total traffic to the site from Facebook over the past 3 months averages 3.5 million visits per month! I thought at first today that SimilarWeb had broken and given me absolutely irrelevant data.


When choosing events as a channel of communication with your target audience, you should prepare thoroughly. It sounds obvious, but in reality there is often no time, knowledge and experience for good preparation.

General advice:

– Choose the event from a large sample size, not only on three or four friends’ recommendations
– Selection criteria: general size, reputation, level and volume of participants, place, networking perspectives, the right marketing segment
– Settle the purpose of attending the conference and list of persons for networking. Arrange meetings beforehand with right persons, stating intentions.
– For startups: prepare quality materials for investors (concept, feasibility study, business plan) with the support of world-class market players. The level of startups is growing from conference to conference, and in conditions of increasing competition, the chance to be seen will really increase in cooperation with international providers.
– Investor: make a check-list for evaluation of startups and analysis of their proposals. Have a good mood on the diversity of ideas and general mainstream, and be careful in choosing projects.


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