In times when many companies continue to face serious challenges making use of new technologies, implementing their digital strategies and reaching the goals of their digital initiatives, we help create an exceptional digital customer experience to transform their business.

Digital as a part of business strategy

Due to our in-depth analysis of our clients’ businesses, their customers and connections that exist between them, Kreston proposes the most suitable digital solutions, bringing positive results. Additionally, we have introduced a balanced scorecard that allows our clients to measure the effects of implemented strategies and perform quality control.

We develop a personalized digital strategy and help increase the return on digital investment. The key stages:

  1.   Definition of strategic objectives
  2.   Market research and evaluation of the company capabilities
  3.   Segmentation and selection of the most relevant digital technology
  4.   Compilation of alternative action plans and choice of appropriate strategy
  5.   Deployment of the chosen strategy
  6.   Calculation of integration cost and budgeting
  7.  Evaluation and monitoring of strategy roll-out


We help create an exceptional customer experience

Kreston GCG delivers multi-channel marketing on each stage of journey from attraction to retention, using best practices to reach and convert leads into customers and delight them.

What we do:

  Digital strategy & planning
  Journey mapping
  Search engine optimization (SEO)
  Search engine marketing (SEM)
  Content marketing
  Social media marketing (SMM)
  E-mail marketing
  Display advertising

Help businesses become innovative. . New technology can transform your business model and optimize sales and service, enhancing changes in current products or services, stimulating new product launches, while improving overall customer experience management. Amid a vast choice of technologies we help choose the most efficient and innovative for your type of business.

Integrate digital strategy into your global corporate strategy. Any digital strategy should be aligned with the business strategy to achieve finance, marketing and other KPIs.

Increase sales with a detailed digital strategy. Our experts determine the most attractive segments of the market and the factors that will ensure success in these fields.

Improve customer loyalty, response rates and ROI. Kreston GCG helps create customized messages to the right segments of consumers, by using the most effective and up-to-date channels of communication.

Reduce marketing costs. Choose the target customer audience with the highest probability of response.

Supervise strategy implementation. We develop KPI systems that enable companies to measure the effects of deployed strategies and perform quality control.